BOP and Xmas Tree Handling

Due to different rig layouts and clients' requirements, there are many methods for handling the subsea equipment and numerous items of equipment available to achieve the handling philosophy. Typical examples below.

BOP Transporters

'C' Frame Transporter:

  • Safe Working Load: 400 tonnes
  • Travel Speed: 0 - 5 m/min (proportional)
  • Rail Span: 9334 mm

Elevating Fork Lift Transporter:

  • Safe Working Load: 400 tonnes
  • Travel Lift Speed: 0 - 4 m/min (proportional)
  • Fork Lift Speed: 0 - 1 m/min
  • Fork Lift Height: 6000 mm
  • Mode of Lift: Hydraulic Cylinder (telescopic)
  • Rail Span: 6300 mm

BOP Crane

The BOP Cranes provide the lifting capacity when handling the BOP Stack and a complete assembly or the LMRP and BOP individually between the transporter and storage positions.

  • Capacity : 275 tonnes
  • Main Hoists: two 137.5 TE each lift
  • Auxiliary Hoists: two 25 TE each Lift
  • Span: 8000 mm
  • Crane Weight: 60 tonnes

Xmas Tree Trolley

Xmas tree trolley is used to travel the Xmas tree from storage position to well centre.

  • SWL: 100 tonnes
  • Railspan: 8.630 metres
  • Travel length: 19.600 metres
  • Travel speed: 0 - 6 m/min (proportional)
  • Weight: 48 tonnes (trolley)

Skid Units

Skid units are used on to move heavy equipment around the moonpool / cellar deck areas and onto the main deck. Skid units are typically used to handle BOPs, Xmas Trees, Subsea templates and mud mats etc.

Xmas Tree Skid

  • Safe Working Load: 80 tonnes
  • Travel Speed: 0 – 7 m/min (proportional)
  • Mode of Travel: Hydraulic Cylinder (double acting)
  • Direction Of Travel: 4 Way
  • Rail Span: 2586mm
  • Total weight: 4.0 tonnes

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