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As an international company, TSC Offshore manangement team is a team of individuals coming from different countries, and with many years technical and/or senior executive experiences in oil and gas, drilling, offshore equipment companies.

Mr. Robert Stuart Shinfield – President of TSC Offshore – UK & TSC Offshore - Brazil

Mr. Shinfield is President of TSC – UK and TSC-Brazil, and is responsible for operations and business development of TSC Offshore in Europe and South America area. Mr. Shinfield has over 15 years experiences in the drilling equipment manufacturing and services field, and held various appointments with National Oilwell before joining TSC in mid-2004. He graduated from Derby University with an ONC in Mechanical Engineering.
Dr. Sun Yuanhui - Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Sun is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of TSC Offshore. Dr. Sun has over 20 years of extensive experience in the offshore industry. Before joining TSC, Dr. Sun held various technical and management positions in Noble Drilling Services, Inc, including a major role in deepwater semi-submersible conversions and new build deepwater drilling unit projects. Dr. Sun graduated with a Mechanics Engineering Degree from Tsinghua University in China in 1982, acquired a Ph.D. Degree in Civil Engineering from Rice University in 1991. Dr. Sun is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, USA.
Mr. Yong Wang - Group Senior VP and Chief Operation Officer

Mr.Wang Yong is Group Senior Vice President and Chief Operation Officer(COO). Mr.Wang has worked in oil & gas industry for 30 years with broad international work experience since he graduated from China Petroleum University in 1982. Before joined TSC, he worked for Weatherford International for 16 years in different technical, sales and management positions, including General Manager for Weatherford China. Mr.Wang received a Master's Degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1993 from Louisiana State University and a Master's Degree from CEIBS in EMBA in 2011.
Mr. Chen Yunqiang – President of TSC Offshore - China

Mr. Chen is President of TSC Offshore China and is responsible for the marketing, operations and sales of TSC Offshore China. Mr. Chen joined TSC in mid-2001 and held the position of General Manager of TSC-HHCT in Xi'an, China until 2005. Prior to joining TSC, Mr. Chen had 15 years experiences in oil and gas industry and held various technical and management positions in a subsidiary of the CNPC Group in China. Mr. Chen graduated with Bachelor degree in Industrial Enterprise Management from Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, China.
Mr. Robert James Ream – Senior VP of TSC Offshore Corporation

Mr. Ream is Senior Vice President of TSC Offshore Corporation, responsible for crane products and the operations of factory in Houston. Mr. Ream has 38 years of working experiences, of which 33 years is in the offshore crane business working in various positions in engineering, senior management and sales. Prior to joining TSC, Mr. Ream had worked for UNIT Mariner Crane, AmClyde and NOV. Mr. Ream holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from Marquette University.
Mr. William Richard Lewis – VP of TSC Offshore Corporation

Mr. Lewis is VP of TSC Offshore Corporation, responsible for marketing and sales in North America. Mr. Lewis had served as a mechanic on a nuclear submarine in the US Navy for 9 years, and he has since worked in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining TSC, Mr. Lewis worked for Varco (now NOV) and Maritime Hydraulics (now Aker MH) in various positions. He is an active member in several industry organizations, such as International Association of Drilling Contractors, Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the American Association of Drilling Engineers. Mr. Lewis received his bachelor degree in business management.
Mr. Scott Fullerton – VP of TSC Offshore Corporation, Operations and Integrated Solutions

Mr. Scott Fullerton is Vice President of TSC Offshore Corporation, responsible for Operations and Integrated Solutions. Prior to joining TSC, Mr. Fullerton has 31 years of experience in field and senior level management in the international petroleum and drilling industry and having worked for Santa Fe, Noble, Global Marine, Pride international and Weatherford Drilling, LUKoil and Max Petroleum. Mr. Fullerton has a wide range of equipment experience including drilling with trailer-mounted land drilling and workover rigs, and land drilling rigs rated to 35,000 ft depth. Offshore, he has worked with inland, posted and cantilever barges, jack-ups, semi-submersibles and drill ships with water depth ratings to 10,000 feet. He has assisted in design and fabrication of complex equipment systems, both new builds and refurbishment of mature land, marine drilling units and production installations. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 1977 with a BS degree in Geological Sciences.
Mr. Charles Smith, VP of TSC Offshore Corporation, Project Management

Mr. Charles Smith is Vice President of TSC Offshore Corporation, responsible for Project Management. Mr. Smith has over 14 years experience in the oil and gas industry specializing in Project Asset and Operations Management. He was most recently an Asset Manager with Hercules Offshore working for Saudi Aramco. Mr. Smith has served in numerous roles as Drilling Manager and Superintendent on many Semi-Submersibles and Jack-up projects during his former career with Noble Corporation. He was selected as Drilling Superintendent for the Noble Roger Lewis Rig, which was one of the first new build jack-up rigs for Noble Corporation in 25 years.
Mr. Zhang Mengzhen, Group VP

Mr. Zhang Mengzhen, age 45,is the Group vice president and the president of TSCMS. Mr. Zhang is responsible for sales and marketing of the Group’s Oilfield Supply Division in international markets and overall management of TSCMS. Mr. Zhang graduated from Xi'an Institute of Metallurgy & Construction Engineering( 西安冶金建筑学院) in 1989 . Previously, Mr. Zhang worked as the engineer for Emer International for three years and then joined TSCMS as vice president on 20 August 2002. .

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